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Epson Epson Stylus Color 740

release carriage on Epson 740 for cleaning purpose

anyone know how to release carriage on Epson 740 for cleaning purposes
jvoortman: EASIEST METHOD FOR MOST EPSON PRINTERS, WITH THE TOP COVER STILL ON THE PRINTER AND NO PAPER LOADED: With the Top Cover Door open [so you can see inside the printer], simply push in on the paper button and most of the time that assembly will unkock and start moving over to the left. When it does, simply reach over and pull the power cord out of the wall. That assembly will stop in the unlocked position and can then easily be moved from side to side. If not done quickly, the printer will go into a paper error condition and you will have to reset the printer and then try it again...SECOND METHOD: ANOTHER METHOD TO UNLOCK THE "PRINTHEAD/PRINT CARTRIDGE HOLDER ASSY", ONCE YOU HAVE REMOVED THE "TOP COVER": With the cover off you can look over to the far left end of your printer. There is a large plastic gear [normally white] located at that end of the printer. Once the power to the printer has been off for a minute or so [to allow the system to de-energize], that gear is easy to manually turn with your finger. Watch while you turn that gear VERY SLOWLY and you will see the small grey relay type rollers turning. Paper runs between these small rollers and the longer darker colored roller that they rest/roll on. You can turn the plastic gear either direction, but if you turn that gear backwards [usually backwards], it will cause the "printhead assy" to unlock. Watch just under the left side/end of the "printhead assy/print cartridge holder assy", while turning this gear backwards. You will actually see the "plastic locking lever" [normally white colored] turning backwards while it is unlocking. Unlocking the assy is not a problem, as it will relock itself when you turn on the power later. The only thing you have to be carefull of, is that the small teeth on that gear are fairly sharp sometimes. If you push to hard, or to fast, its possible to slightly scratch your skin...TECH NOTE: REMEMBER THIS LITTLE UNLOCKING PROCEDURE IN CASE YOU EVER NEED TO UNLOCK THE PRINTHEAD ASSY IN THE FUTURE. YOU CAN ACTUALLY PERFORM THIS UNLOCKING PROCEDURE WITH THE "TOP COVER" STILL INSTALLED. YOU JUST HAVE TO BE A LITTLE MORE CAREFULL AND REACH INSIDE THE LEFT END OF THE COVER AND THEN ROTATE THAT LARGE PLASTIC GEAR...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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