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Epson Epson Stylus Color 740

Epson 740 Colour Stylus

I have a Epson 740 Colour Stylus printer. A while back it was acting up (carriage slamming into side when starting up) so I did a "reset" by holding the ink button and the pper feed button while turning the printer power on. This accomplished nothing. Well almost nothing. It must have reset the ink levels, casue now I get the flashing light showing that I need to change the ink cartridge, but when I pull out the cartridge it isn't empty (weighs almost as much as the new cartridge). I would appreciate any help you can offer.
[email protected] to let you know: When ever you do that Factory Reset, you must install new ink cartridges, because your printer does reset the ink levels to full. If you do not change the cartridges, your printer can actually run out of ink and never know it. Air then gets into the nozzles, they dry out and that normally causes clogging. That of course does not explain why your ink lights are on and you think there is ink still left in the cartridges. I'm sorry, no way for me to really know what happened. Thats one of the reasons people should not attempt to do resets, unless they actually know what is being done and why. In your particular case, no reset will actually help your carriage problem. Although it's possible your printer has an electronic or mechanical failure, it is more likely the Carriage Assembly is simply DIRTY and or DRY, causing it to stick and make noises. That usually results in the printer loosing track of just where the Print Cartridge Holder Assembly is actually at. It then keeps telling that assembly to keep moving and can even cause it to slam into the end of the printer, when it gets real dirty and dry. That slamming can also result in the printers Printhead Alignment being thrown off. Try wiping the bar, all around the round shaft, with a lint free cloth. Also clean the outside of the metal bushings with Q-Tips, that the carriage bar passes thru, on both sides of the holder assembly. You can also use alchol on the cloth, if there is a lot of build-up on the carriage shaft/bar. Then lube the metal bar on both sides of the holder assembly, slightly with a precision oiler, not a spray lubrication. A drop or two of a teflon based lubrication is best, but even a silicone based or household 3 in 1 type oil can be used. Manually slide the holder assembly back and forth to spread out the lubrication and wipe of any excess lube or blackish build-up that appears on the bar...Look for an e-mail message from me with more in-depth information, that might help you in that area...At this point all you can really do is perform the cleaning and lubrication and then install new ink cartridges, so you can start fresh. All new Epson cartridges are sealed and there is pressure put in them at the factory. That pressure is what causes the air to be pushed out of the nozzles, that got into them when the old cartridge was removed and primes the nozzles with fresh ink. If you choose to just reinstall an old Epson Ink Cartridge, with no pressure inside it will be difficult to get the ink to start flowing again and you may have to run 6 to 10 sets of "Printhead Cleaning Cycles" and "Nozzle Tests", to actually be able to get the ink to start flowing again. The other problem is that on older models the printer always assumes you are installing a new cartridge and automatically resets the Internal Ink Counter anytime you remove a cartridge with the power turned on, so you are right back to the same type problem. If those cartridges were not completely full whern you reinstalled them, then you are just asking for more serious problems later, but its your choice to make...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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