asked Jun 21, 2001 at 2:14pm
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Apple LaserWriter II NT right red light stays on.

I'm wondering if you could give me some advice on where to
get started investigatng this problem,
or do you have beginner's video on problem diagnosis?

This is an oldish Apple LaserWriter II NT.
The printer starts up, warms up, the green light flashes for about 37 times,
then the printer goes to print the status page, and seems
just about to, but then the rightmost red light flashes then stays lit,
and the printer goes quiet again.
The paper roller doesn't even appear to move at all.
Any advice much appreciated.

History of this printer: It's a donation to our school.
There were a few self-tapping screws that 'fell' out of the
toner assembly and I have since reterived them.
I hope they didn't do any damage.
One other unusual thing: the oxone extractor fan (the one that looks like
a hamster's wheel) doesn't turn, the motor just kind of buzzes,
like it's not getting the right power.

Still reading through your site, very helpful.
By the way, it's just the rightmost red light that
ends up staying lit on the printer after it attempted to print,
while all the other lights go off.

Also, where can I find the pin connections
so that I can make a cable for connecting to a Win98
PC's serial port?

I know the printer is setup to print a test page,
as it did print one just before it started having this problem,
and the page came out looking good, so I figure it
is worth spending the time to fix the problem.

The owner said this problem was intermittent,
but seems to be more mittent than inter now :(
First thing to try is to pull out the formatter board from the rear of the printer. Then do an engine test. See the troubleshooting page for location. If that works, you have a bad formatter board. You might try pressing down hard on all the plug in chips and reseating the board at that point.
by moe on Jun 22, 2001 at 6:35pm Add comment
Thanks Moe, I did pull the board, and removed the
plastic cover at the side of the printer, then switched it on
and pressed the little recessed switch with a toothpick.
Although no lights came on, the same behaviour as before,
with no paper movment but all the warmup sounds.
I put the board back, and all is as before, except with the lights working.
What should I do next? Is there a mechanical jam somewhere?
by unknown on Jun 25, 2001 at 12:54am Add comment