asked Jun 20, 2001 at 8:12am
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP Laserjet 4

I originally had a service 50 error, I ordered the repair kit and replaced the quartz lamp. Now I get paper jams right at the fuser assembly, it appears the fuser rollers are turning but they are hesitating like something isn't making good contact. I have cleaned rollers where it makes contact with thing with the yellowish plastic sheet (part RB1 2267 N#4, I don't know what it's called) Any idea what the culprit is, and why it is happening now and not before the quartz lamp went out? Thanks in advance for your help.

Brian Thokey
WDTN Channel 2
Dayton, Ohio
You might not have gotten the exit sensor arm back into the right position. Pull the fuser out and move the arm with your finger. Make sure it's not bent and moves freely.
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The plastic arm that sticks up I think is what you are talking about. It is moving freely. Is it the component that the wires from the lamp attached to it, that sits up against the gray roller at one end....is that what makes the rollers turn? Or is it the one directly under the roller in the same spot? The rollers do no seem to turn consistently, so the paper is not being pulled through fast enough. I've had it pull paper through about half way, after cleaning these components and the rollers. Then it starts pulling it through less and less before jamming. Any more ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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I am trying to diagnose a problem with a 4P and came across this website, message board and your thread. Hope you don't mind me crashing.

The problem I'm having is that the printed product just suddenly lost its quality. It seemed as though the image density decreased, but in reality the characters look like they are outlines with the inside empty. I tried to adjust RET, resolution and density to no avail. Incidentally, I just printed off my 13,000 page. Can you give me a hand?

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Feel free to help Jeff, but please fix me first! :-)
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Jeff, you should have started a new thread. It's a high voltage problem, you should try a different toner cartridge first.

Brian, are the exit rollers on top turning when the print job is going through? You can see them through the front. Take the fuser out and rotate the gears manually and see if everything is moving freely.
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Yes, the exit rollers are turning and the gears are moving freely. Its the rollers in the fuser that are hesitating when they turn. It appears to me the gears don't have any effect on the fuser rollers turning, they just make the top exit rollers turn. What makes the fuser rollers turn?
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There is a gear in front of the fuser that drives it. If the gear is good, it'll drive the fuser and the exit rollers. They're all in a chain. If the exit rollers are turning smoothly, then the gear would be ok. At this point if all the gears, rollers are turning freely, the exit flag sensor is mounted correctly and moves freely, then it should work. Obviously, you somehow put the problem into it. Since I can't see it to diagnose it, you'll have to watch the video again and disassemble and reassemble it.
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