asked Jun 20, 2001 at 7:40am
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP III page count memory error

I just purchased a Laserjet III which prints very nicely but the page count resets itself to 7010 every time the printer is turned off; i.e.; turn printer on and print test page and it shows a count of 7010. Additionally, the test page reports 4 Mbyte memory when the printer physically only contains 3 Mbyte (2 rows filled in a Pacific Data expansion board). No error messages are displayed. I would greatly appreciate any information on the type of problem this is (mainboard?).
thanks, Ed
Don't know what your daily printing is (With 7010 total pages, obviously not much), but the counter counts in increments of 10. If you don't get to 7020, the printer will default to 7010. If you print 9 pages a day and turn the printer off, your page count will remain the same. The printer has 1 mb of memory on board. If you add a 2mb card it should show 3mb. There is a second card slot, maybe there is another memory expansion board in it. I've never seen an HP3 report extra memory.
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Thanks very much for the information. I just bought this printer at an online auction and I was concerned about the page count.

With regard to memory, the add-on HP memory card in the left socket may be flaky. There is a Pacific Data card in the right socket with 2 MB of memory. The test page reports 4 MB sometimes and 3 MB sometimes. When I pull the HP 1 MB card the test page still reports 3 MB so it is probably this card--not a big deal.

Again, thanks very much for your help.
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