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Apple Apple LaserWriter 360

LW Sel 360-toner rub-off

I have an Apple LaserWriter 360 that doesn't seem to do what's needed to get the toner to stick to the paper. The paper looks good when it comes out, but I can rub it off with very little effort. I've tried another (used) fuser but it didn't seem to help.

What do I need to do to fix the problem, and is there a kit for it?

Steve Hardy
Next I would look at my paper and toner. Is it a refill? If it doesn't have the correct toner it may not have a low enough melt temp for the fuser to fuse it onto the paper. Also, you could be using a coated or textured paper that does not fuse the toner properly.
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Hi, Sue.

Thanks for the reply. I use the same paper (an HP "Multipurpose") in other laser printers and it works fine, but the toner is a new, recycled cartridge. If what you suggest is true about the toner, do you think I should be able to get the place that sold it to me to take it back or do I need to buy another one and be out the price of two if it doesn't solve the problem? How do I be certain the toner is a low-temp melt variety?

I've been doing further tests on the printer since I posted. Up to now, I'd been using the printer's test page for the test, but I just tried a couple other pages. Actually, a page of text looks pretty good and doesn't rub off. But graphics aren't good at all. The heavier the coverage, the worse the rub-off problem is. Also, there's a ghost image ... at leat 2 ... that appeared in a photo I printed. It looks as though the top of the photo really printed twice faintly through the bottom sections of the rest of the print job. I don't see this on a page of text or the test page though.

Also, there are both vertical and horizontal lines in the printout.

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Hi Steve,
I would go back and get a replacement toner from the store where you purchased it. If it is a recycled toner, the store should have a test machine and ask them to print on their machine. There is no way for you to determine if the toner has the correct melt temp. You have to rely on the store to use the correct toner. I have been remanufacturing cartridges and repairing printers for 15 years now and have quit reman. any fugi/xerox engine toners as they are difficult at best to get a decent reman. New Apple toner cartridges and not much more than the remans are, so I would not recommend a remanufactured cartridge.
The lines on your printouts point to a faulty toner cartridge.
Hope this helps.
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