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Epson Epson Stylus Color 3000

Epson STylus 3000 Paper feed problem

Is there a fix for the constant paper feed problem on the Epson Color Stylus 3000?

Please let me know.
Bruce: I'm sorry, but I'm not aware of a particular problem with the "3000's" feed unit. To be honest, I don't see many "3000's" and most of those that I do see are actually sent back to the Epson Repair Shop. Most of the feeding problems that I run into are cured by using Rubber Roller Cleaner/Rubber Roller Rejuvinator. Some of the best Rubber Roller Rejuvenator that I have ever used, is available in a can: Price = $10, Shipping = $6 ($8 International), from http://fixyourownprinter.com/sp0.html. It is also available as a Rubber Roller Rejuvenator Pad: One pad soaked with rubber restorer, enough to fix several printers and simple directions for use. The price: Send two dollars and a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Laser Service, 1620 Aviation Blvd., Redondo Beach, CA 90278. International customers add another dollar and skip the stamp. See info page at " http://fixyourownprinter.com/kkx3.html ". The only other thing I could suggest, is that you can E-Mail Epson Technical Support for possible help or advice, at http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/support/supDetail.jsp?BV_UseBVCooki e=yes&infoType=Email&oid=14374&prodoid=11473&menuSpec=15 ...Hopefully someone else will read your posting, that may have some other information that might help further...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Hello, does anyone the fix for a EPSON 3000 that won't quite eject the paper. It stops short of pushing it out all the way. Is this feed tires? or? Thanks
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If you remove the top cover and look on the left side of the printer, you will see a set of 3 small cogs in line with each other. These drive the very last set of eject rollers. One of these is usually either broken or missing completely when the paper will not fully eject.
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Bruce does not say what his paper problem is. My problem is the paper feeds in but is then rejected by the printer an spit back out again. Then the "paper out" light lights up. This happens more than half the time. Is this Bruce's problem? If not, does anyone know a solution to my problem?
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Probably either dirty or worn pickup rollers which are not grabbing the paper properly. Try cleaning them with a cleaner such as Platenclene, if this doesn't work then the rollers would have to be replaced.

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If you get past the paper pickup roller cleaning and it is still spitting out paper, my guess is that either one of the paper sensors is dirty\\misaligned or the clutch gear which drives the paper pickup assembly is out of sync.
Hope this helps.
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Thanks to those who responded. FYI- Cleaning the roller just behind the print head is what fixed my problem. I first cleaned the paper pick-up rollers but that didn't help. I then cleaned the roller behind the print head, ran 30 sheets through and it never missed. The roller didn't appear to be very dirty based on the residue left on what I cleaned it with but that was clearly the problem.
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I'm mechanically inclined, but how would I access the feeder rollers to clean them?

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Well, that's a problem. What I did was lift the top cover (the opaque one with the Epson Stylus 3000 logo on it)which exposed approximatly one eighth inch of the roller along its length. I then used a cotton swab (Q-Tip)to clean the exposed area, turn the knob on the left side and continued.

I would have liked to taken the roller out or expose more of it to give it a good cleaning. Does anyone know how to do this?
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Yeah! Didn't actually know there was a whole buncha people with these dino-printers anymore! Last time I had some work done on mine, the tech suggested getting the laser printer cleaning sheets to clean the rollers. He had cleaned them at the time and it fixed the problem. I am having the same problem again and will try the sheets. (Staples has them). What cleaner did you use to clean them?
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I used isopropyl alcohol. I have since purchased a "professional" pinch roller cleaning fluid called "Lasermedia RC-5" but the alcohol works just as well. You can buy it in any drug store.
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I have an issue with mine where it always says the printer is out of paper. It just keeps loading new sheets and spitting them out. About one out of every 20 or so work. Any ideas? I thought this was a problem only with letter size paper but it happens with the large format paper too.
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This is usually a timing issue with the leading edge of the paper not reaching the sensor in the proscribed time. Two factors normally contribute to this problem. 1) Dirty or worn pickup rollers, or 2) the gear mechanism which drives the pickup roller assembly is out of sync. The second issue is too complex to describe here, a service manual is suggested.
Hope this helps
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have same problem ,where do i get a service manual for my epson color stylus3000 - Anonymous
Yepper here we go. My problem is thus, stylus 3000. As some may see I like old dino's. This epson though is sentimental it was my moms. Ok it used to be on a mac then it started the print googly goke thing epson is so well known for...pages and pages...then stopped feeding paper etc. All typical. It was taken offline and stored for approx 4 years. I finally got it and completely dismantled the unit no screw untouched, took apart the print heads individually, soaked in alc, cleaned all the tubes out (nice little compression thingys), cleaned all little pumper things, you know the little clear ink wells at the heads?, used lith grease where needed etc. Had successful 'put back together' no screws left over etc.

Thats the history: Now, just bought NEW cartridges for it, went to epson got the printer drivers, turned the machine on plugged it into my win xp sp2 machine via usb, popped in the cartridges one by one, waited for it to do it's thing (not 10 minutes), it was ready in like 3 minutes.

Hit print test page, it pulled paper, made a couple of clunks as it figured out where it was at. NO ink at all not even a trace, did clean cycle a few times, alingment, etc. NO ink, then it started the "out of paper" crap again.

I have seen here about gears and such and I do have the service book. I am curious if there is a way to "pump up the ink"? I couldn't for the life of me find a 'pump' when I had it apart. I would love any suggestions both for the paper feed, and 'no ink' condition. Oh the printer is aware that cartridges are installed. Thanx all
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"cleaned all little pumper things, you know the little clear ink wells at the heads"

This is the pump you couldn't find. The ink isn't pumped up to the heads but gets sucked to the heads. The pump you describe as 'clearing the ink wells' is more or less a vacuum pump. It creates a vacuum on the underside of the printheads and draws ink from the cartridges, through the printheads.

I am unfamiliar with the indication of a mechanical jam condition on the 3000. On the 1520 (3000 sans steroids) the cover open light and ready light flash when the printer 'clunks' as you describe. Since there is no 'cover open' condition on the 3000, perhaps the 'ink out' light flashes instead.

My remedy for slicked up paper feed rollers is this. I've glued a really coarse piece of sand paper to a tongue depressor. I lift the white covers of the input rollers and sand across the rollers at angle. I rotate the rollers and sand until all the surface has been sanded. Releasing something called 'trigger lever' (black, located to the left of the printhead carraige in home position) will allow rotating of the rollers. I use a solvent called 'Goof Off' (available at Lowes, Home Depot (look in the paint department))and clean off the rollers after sanding. One thing I found that improves paper feed is cleaning of the platen. I use Goof Off for that too. Just be careful to not get any Goof Off on the shell palstic; it won't hurt the white plastic (nylon?) covering the input rollers.

No print problem: Question - Can you see an ink level in the resevoirs within the printhead carraige?

Whoa! Congratulations on disassembling this guy and getting it back together to working condition. You must have ample experience working on electromechanical equipment and a high mechanical aptitude as well as an ability to comprehend diagrams and instructions.

- Scotty - Scottyjr
This unit employs a two position pump. Turns one way for black and the other for color. The pump is located below the cap assembly on the right side of the printer. Tubes from the cap assembly connect to the pump.
Hope this helps.
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ok thank you. I did spend over an hour last night going through the service manual, and indeed your right. Arrf back to take apart, at least Epson did one thing smart you can run this puppy with all the plastic off. I realize now that (1) I am gonna have to reset the rom and (2) Use the comfiguration program they talk about in the service manual. Is that a prgram Epson would part with or would I have to beg, grovel and threaten?

I also realize that I am going to have to 'ditch' the usb and go with conventional cabeling. Now if I am not mistaken the configuration program will allow me to check all the sensors etc.? Any idea's as to a source for this program ? if I can't weasel it out of Epson? Thanx and I will post my results as I go through this for the other dino owners. - bs953
Thanx Scottyjr,
I didn't think about the sandpaper, gonna do that one for sure. I did not take the print head cover off last night to check the 'pumps' for ink. I will do that today. I am also convinced that I have to make some mechanical adjustments, because the paper does stop right at the top, just as the unit says 'out of paper'. I am trying to get my thecno jargon down here. I assume that there is an additional sensor up there that tells the unit that it is in fact ok to go ahead and spit ink, otherwise it would spit on plastic.

Thanx for the compliment, in fact I didn't have ANY information on this unit when I took it apart. But we did use an entire banquet table literally from one end to the other :).

I think I will do pictures on this next process, especially the adjustment part for the paper feed. Thanx again
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No, I don't believe there is a sensor to determine if there is media in the print area. As Printerrepairpros stated above, it's a matter of timing; the media is detected by the sensor and the printer assumes there is media in the print area because it knows it has rotated the platen enough to get it there. I have seen either 1520s or 3000s print on the plastic; presumably because the paper did reach the sensor in time but slipped in the platen and didn't get fed enough. There is however, a rear paper sensor for use when feeding paper from that direction. I think your 'paper out' problem is a result of the paper not reaching the front sensor within the alloted time. Try forcing the paper into the input feed rollers a wee bit before giving the 'print' command; you know, give it a head start and see if you stll get 'paper out' - Scotty
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Look in the service manual at pages 3-19 for the 2 paper sensor locations and on page 3-34 for the gear alignment diagram. It is critical that the paper feed gear and the asf transmission gear be aligned exactly.
Hope this helps.
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ok I will do that. Thank You. I am right now in the process of tearing this puppy apart.
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hi guys and gals,
ok so I have finally got to tearing the color 3000 apart. So far I have run into this problem, the ink bladers are empty, and the print heads seem shot. I have put pixs here at photo bucket. This is the empty bladders: http://i229.photobucket.com

and then the heads: http://i229.photobucket.com


I am going to assume that the heads are bad since the lines are empty and the bladders, ergo they wont draw the ink? Does this sound pluasible or should I try something else? Thanx everybody.
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FirstI would determine whether the pump is functioning properly. Puddle both the color and black cap assembly pads with water. Run both cleaning cycles and see whether the water has been sucked away. If so, the pump is good and you most likely have printhead or board issues.
Hope this helps.
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ok i am game for that try. I wonder though, the pump' only sucks it doesn't have anything to do with the actual filling of the ink lines right? Also the print heads have some of the 'teflon' coating missing, not much just a little. But dont those heads heat up and cool thus 'boiling' the ink? and thus drawing the ink up? Unless the pump does this in the one of two modes it uses forward or reverse, according to the manual that only determines which ink is drawn down into the ink well pads ie black forward and color reverse or something like that. Unfortuantly the proggie that I have to talk to the 'brain' will not work on win xp pro even in compatability mode......hmmm Let ya know about the water torture tomorrow. thanx - bs953
You are incorrect on many fronts. It is the pump that sucks the ink through the supply lines, dampers (bladders)and through the printheads. In order for the system to work it must be sealed. Good cap assembly seal contact under the printheads, good seal (including "O" rings) where dampers connect to the heads and good seal where the cartridges plug into the system.
I don't know what you describe as teflon coating.
The printhead technology is not bubble jet. Therefore, it is not based upon heat whatsoever. It is piezzo electric (possible spelling error). The nozzles are fired via electrical impulses to plungers which release the ink droplets. It is very precise.
Hope this helps.
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Thank You very much You have an excellent way of conveying the fact that I am a dumb sh****t thanx I appreciate it. The tech manual I got sucks. What you say makes total sense and I can totally relate to it. I was wondering about the 'bubble jet' theroy it wasn't jivving with what I was seeing. So then along your thoughts 'if' the printheads are plugged she aint sucking nothing (LOL) no pun intended. (piezo) BTW
After I run junior to school 7 am my time, I will put the heads back on ensuring that I have seals, and do the water torture. Oh the teflon coating which I am sure it is, is a grey coating directly on the heads, on the black print head some has worn off a small line hence showing shiny metal under it, really only visible under a glass. I assume it helps the heads to slide etc, although they ideally souldn't 'contact' the paper anyways. - bs953
We got action! :)
Here is a pix of the first two prints from this puppy......dunno maybe there is hope or should I do the dirge on the ol' bag pipes? I had to take each bladder and suck ink, made my teeth look real good.....by the way the water torture test did work. But after I sucked this puppy off and ran about 80 tests etc. align this and that here is the results....next ideas guys?


thanx all - bs953
What does the stairstep nozzle check pattern show?
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by bs953 on Nov 9, 2007 at 5:26pm Add comment
You're headed in the right direction. I would let the printer sit overnight to give the heads time to internally adsorb the ink.
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ok that I will do are the pictures helping? Also I am thinking that I am going to have to move the adjustment levers since I know they are screwed up...now that I have information. One concern is that I can't get Epson monitor to work will not see the printer either usb or cable (lpt 1) as it is hooked up now. Also I can't get the 'configurator' program up. I am positive after all is said and done I am going to have talk to the damn brain and reset stuff like the rom etc and give it some direct commands any idea's along that front? I am running xp with sp2.

So give it to me straight, ya think I should keep on keeping on with this puppy? I am certainly game and stubborn enough to do it. LOL Thanx again - bs953
Contact me directly by clicking on link in the subject line. I won't respond until tomorrow. It may be easier to speak\\email directly.
Printer Repair Pros
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Hi can anyone help?

We have an almost brand new Epson 3000 discovered in a cupboard here at college still with it's original cartridges. Trouble is it slips into an uncontollable mode where it just prints out sheet after sheet of gobbledygook (computer code) and whatever you do, doing pause/resets,switching it on and off it seems impossible to get it back into normal printing mode.
The only reliable method I've found is to do a cartridge initialisation as if you want to change all the cartridges. The problem with this is that it is wasting ink and also taking a long time. Particularly annoying if you have a queue of students waiting to use the printer.
I have also tried the reset procedure switching on holding down PAUSE,LF/FF &DOWN ARROW buttons without success.

Any ideas anyone?
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Two things:
(1)Are you using a usb adapter to hook this printer up? If you are use the LPT cable only.

(2)Reinstall your drivers with a fresh update from Epson. Especially if your using this on a Mac os9XXXX was notorius for this issue. Try hooking it up to a windows machine or vice versa.

I finally got mine up and running then discoverd I actually needed some modified parts to fix the paper pickup problem. But I am using the usb adapter to my Mac running OS 10.4 and no issues. I have used it just fine with my XP machine. You can try to reset the pram which is somewhere in these forums.

If you decide to sell it give me a hollar. - Anonymous
I should have said in my original post. I am running the printer on a Mac with Apple OSX 10.4 connected by an Epson USB smart cable. But we have 2 more Epson 3000's in my dept to the same configuration and the other 2 behave perfectly which is why I am so perplexed that this machine seems to have a mind and will of it's own and if you're not very careful will print rubbish all over our ( and our students) very expensive paper.

Is that resetting the PRAM on the computer or on the printer?
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is the printer on the same machine as the other two? are the other two printers using the smart cable? did you hook one of the other two printers up to the machine that is causing the googlygok to print? did you try putting the smart cable on one of the other behaving printers? I suspect your cable is the problem. post back
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My Epson Stylus 3000 color does not pick up A3 paper or larger from the feed tray without crushing some of the pages.
I can feed larger paper through the manual feed ok.
I dont know how long ago the print rollers would have been cleaned.
Hope someone can help
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I have a problem with mine. It will not feed paper at all. does anyone know how to fix this
by cloudyminded on Feb 21, 2012 at 9:38am Add comment
When you have the problem of paper just spitting out when you try to load paper, you have to replace the pick up rollers because the roller edges where the flat surface meets the rounded surface is worn down to much for the paper to hit the sensor with in the time frame for it to register properly. I have changed a lot of these over the last 10 to 15 years. The pickup rollers are the same part that goes in to the Stylus Color, Stylus color pro, Stylus Color pro XL, Stylus Color 1520.
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