asked Dec 26, 2003 at 12:52am
Epson Epson Stylus Photo 1200

Epson photo1200 status monitor on XP

Hi, I have been reading a lot of posts about many problems but haven't come upon mine yet.
Does anyone know of an Epson printer driver with status monitor for the EPSON STYLUS PHOTO 1200 running on Windows XP Professional?
I have tried the one on Epson's site which says it is for the Epson 2000 and 1200 but the status monitor does not work. Further investigation, I found a note that said the 1200 wasn't supported!
Would appreciate any information about how to get the status monitor drivers that works. Roy
You can use the Windows 2000 status monitor. In most cases you will not have any trouble with XP recognizing it. But you can also use the SSC Service Utility to check ink levels/head cleaning and so on and it supports the 1200 and will work with XP.

If you want to try the SSC service utility go here http://inkjetprinterhelp.us/epsonSSC.html

Have a good weekend.

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Hi Wes,
Thank You! I have tried so many status monitors that I am happy to find one which is supposed to work, I will definately try these out.
I also have an Epson stylus PHOTO 925 which works fine. Hope it isn't interfering with the 1200. Will let you know when I get the downloads and trial done, Thanks again, Roy
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Hi Wes,
I went to the site and downloaded the drivers, however, I guess I did something wrong as they still dont't work. I will try again,just wanted to let you know I didn't just forget about your advice. Have been so busy over the holidays, trying to get some bulk ink to work in my Epson stylus Photo 925. Apparantly I was sent the wrong type as nothing I did would work! Have filled numerous cartridges and did lots of test to see what was wrong. Found the ink blot test showed that the new ink did not compare anyway with the sample from the working cartridge. Waiting on the company to answer back their findings of the ink as I was requested to return it as I did...If you know of any bulk ink that has been tried in the 925, I would appreciate you letting me know which and where it is.
Again, Many thanks for your advice.
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I have installed my Photo 1280 after doing a clean install of MS Vista and when I try to load the Epson Monitor it says 'Printer not installed. Install printer and run again'. I tired deleting the printer, re-installing but no go. Any ideas? (I know... go back to XP) Steve
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