asked Dec 13, 2003 at 8:05am
Epson Epson Stylus Color 740

epson stylus 740

It won't print. Box is saying "Pirnt queue on hold". Help, please.
That problem can be caused by the drivers being corrupted you can get the updated drivers from here http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/support/SupportProductCategory.jsp? BV_UseBVCookie=yes&oid=-10237&infoType=Downloads#cat0.

Try checking the printer cable for a loose connection.

I hope this helps.

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Willow: Its also possible that your printer may have got put onto PAUSE. To check, double-click [dbl-clk] on MY Computer on your Desktop; dbl-clk on CONTROL PANEL; dbl-clk on PRINTERS; dbl-clk on "EPSON Stylus COLOR 740"; when small utility box opens, click one time on the word Printer near the top left corner and another scroll box will open below that word Printer. Look on the the first line and see if there is a black check on the words Pause Printing. If so, then that could be your problem. If you click on that black checkmark on Pause Printing, the checkmark will turn off and your printer will no longer be on Pause Printing...Denny Conway
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