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asked Dec 7, 2003 at 10:59pm
Hp HP Color Copier 150

hp 895cxi and hp 6990C

I am the computer tech for a large elementary school. We have about 150 HP 895 CXI and HP 690 C and a few HP 600's Our district techs do not repair these anymore. I realize they are "old" as computer parts go but they are all some of my classrooms have. Is there a cleaning regimen that will help keep them running until newer ones can be bought? What are common problems I should look for. Is there anything that the users can do to reduce problems? Any ideas would be appreciated.
Deskjet 600 Series
Don't be in a hurry to get rid of your DJ 600 series printers if they are meeting your print quality needs. They are cheaper to operate than the newer models. They will run for a long time if you maintain them. Aside from an occasional electronic failure, which means that they are scrap, the mechanics are easy to take care of.

1. Clean the carriage rod with alcohol and lubricate it with a few drops of low viscosity oil. I use Tri-Flow. A grinding sound is sure sign this needs to be done.
2. Apply rubber rejuvenator to the feed rollers. This will prevent paper feed problems.
3. Clean the cartridge and carriage contacts with a cotton swab moistened with water.
4. If you have print quality problems go to this web site.

If you do these things to a 'failed' DJ 600 series it will most likely come back to life.

Deskjet 895
Another a cheap to operate printer.

They occasionally have paper feed problems. If this happens remove the rear access cover and use the rubber rejuvenator previously mentioned.

If a printer has seen heavy use, I suggest that you check the service station for liquid ink. If it is present, the service station is prone to leaking. A build up of congealed ink is normal. It is better to disassemble and clean them at the liquid ink stage than have ink leak on to a desktop. A messy job but not that difficult.
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Thanks so much for your answers. I have asked and asked and no one told me these things. I have about 10-12 machines I am trying to get working right now. I see no reason to scrap them if they can work and if the classroom has nothing else.

I understand everything you said except the "service station" . Where and what it that?

Both of these models tend to develop a problem where they slam into the left side of the printer and stay there. Is that an encoder strip problem or what? Again my district won't even look at them so I amon my own.
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The service station is where the carriage parks when the printer is idle.

The slamming is definitely a possible symptom of encoder strip problems. The encoder stips could be disconnected on one or both ends, or extremely dirty. Clean them with a paper towel and a mild cleaner like 409. Be gentle because its possible to pull them loose from their mounting hooks. If they are disconnected the cases will have to be removed in order to reinstall them.
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from a school district 220 895cxi

1 is there a way to refill whith bulk ink so is [email protected]???

2where to buy refurb or pre-used ink catri. @ 5 dls. each? or arround


[email protected]
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Visit Anna at her web site:

She has how to do it pages on all of your HP models (with pictures) and will sell those supplies you mentioned.

I recommend you obtain one refill KIT for each model....start with the 895 and get the black refill kit...that is the easy one. Then others (600 series black is a little harder)

HP cartridges, if "topped off" should last for 3-4 refills before resistors go.Do not allow a cartridge to run dry.

Hp, by the way, makes more money on supplies than on the printers. So, follow Bert's excellent advice...keep them clean and they will keep on printing.

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