asked Dec 2, 2003 at 2:56pm
Apple Apple LaserWriter 360

Laserwriter Select 360 only printing ghost image


A while back, my laserwriter select 360 stopped printing an image in mid-page (meaning that the page is half-black, half-ghost image; all subsequent pages are all ghost image). The paper feeds fine and there is a very faint ghost image of what is being printed, but nothing else.

I *did* change the toner cartridge with a new one (apple brand), but that did not fix the problem.

When I called the local mac fix-it place, they said it sounded like I needed to replace the fuser unit and quoted me two hundred dollars to fix. (Obviously, that's not going to happen...)

Any hope of getting my printer fixed? I bought an HP to replace it, but I'd still like to get it back to printing, if possible.

Thanks for any help.
Idiots! They know as much about printer repair as I do nuclear physics. All a fuser does is melt whatever toner is on the page onto the paper. If it suddenly stopped printing solids, it's most likely due to a sudden drop in the high voltage, which controls the imaging process. Try stopping the print midway by opening the toner access. Pull the cartridge out and examine the photoconductive drum underneath the protective shutter. Is the image dark or faint on the drum?
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Thanks for getting back to me. I'll set the printer up tonight and check to see what's going on under the hood.

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I finally got a chance to check it. If you mean the drum that's a turquoise color, then the print (text) looks faint to me.

I'm assuming that's not good. Is there a fix?

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That would be due to low high voltage charge to the toner cartridge. Could be dirty contacts between the printer and the toner cartridge. The sudden drop off would seem to point more at the high voltage power supply failing. Check and see if the metal contact points in the printer and the ones on the outside of the toner cartridge are clean. Otherwise, you'll need to replace the HV power supply.
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I checked the contacts on both the cartridge and the printer and they both looked clean to me. I guess that means replacing the HV power supply. Is that doable?

Thanks for your help on this.
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Yes, if you can find one. The HV board is on top, below the formatter board.
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