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Apple Apple LaserWriter 360

Apple LaserWriter Select 360 paper jam...

I have a Apple LaserWriter Select 360 that I've taken out of storage after having moved ... Loaded with paper (paper cassette was hard to open) plugged into AC, connected to PowerBook... Tried to print, but have a Accordion Jam issue.. (I see Accordion Jam repair kits for PLW series, but not for the 360) The right side of the toner cartridge seems to be sagging open.. Plan to buy a new toner cart this next week to see if that helps.. Anyone have other thoughts?
No one has any ideas? Is it a problem similar to the PLW series - "Problem: Paper enters the printer and scrunches up with the leading edge in front of the toner cartridge.

Cause: The drum drive assembly clutch is broken. This keeps the cartridge drum from rotating, causing the jam."

Or.. could it be as simple as the toner cart. sagging on the right side? Plan to buy a new toner cart. Monday, but it would be great to hear others thoughts... If the problem is the same as the PLS series, are parts available?

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The paper cassette sticking is endemic to the 360... they *all* do it. Lubricate it with a little vaseline (*very* little) the next time you have it out, and you shouldn't have any further problem.

As for the jam... WHERE does it occur? Prior to the toner cartridge, after the cartridge, or at the output tray?
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Thanks for the reply (will try the vaseline) ...

The jam is occuring before the cartridge. It seems that it gets picked up from the tray and fed to this point, then begins to jam/accordion.

Havn't gotten the new toner cart. yet, as my local OfficeMax doesn't carry it anymore. Office Depot seems to and I will be headed that way tomarrow - Then will be able to see if that fixes things.

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12/5/03 -


Just for kicks, tried the manual feed tray. Paper feeds fine from there. Can I assume that some roller rejuve *should* clear up the feeding from the multipurpose tray then?


New problem:

The paper fed through fine, but nothing really printed. I have many faint lines running vertically, and many lines horizontal on page (3 dark lines in the batch or horizontals...)

Fuser??? (ordered new toner..)


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Can't have anything to do with the fuser... the
fuser doesn't put toner on the page, it only
makes sure it sticks.
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