asked Nov 29, 2003 at 2:18pm
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

?? Apple LW II - 2 Red LEDS flash ??

High Moe,

I would like your advice... having followed the suggestions on your pages I still have not bottomed out the cause of a problem with a LW 22 NTX.

I have tested the fuser, even exchanged it for a known worker. I have swaped the laser assembly along with the connecting leads. I have exchanged the AC power block.

I just dont seem to nail the problem. The reomoved assemblies work well in another printer so I am just a little stymied.

Please offer your advice as to what is a next stage to discovering the cause of this fault.

Many thanks,

The 2 blinking lights can either signify a laser or a fuser problem. You haven't told me if they occur during warmup or printing. Have to know that before I can render a diagnosis.
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Thank you for your response.

The sequence is, as I recall on power up, first 2 red leds flash then I hear a swirl of the print motor get red, amber and green leds followed by a flashing green led. Then I get 2 flashing red leds...

I have exchanged both laser (complete with the interconnecting leads) and the fuser for components known to work. The ones removed, from the faulty printer I have, work OK in another machine. I have also exchanged the board that the laser interconnects with. The problem persists!

I trust that helps you provide some indication of the area where a fault may lie.


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I just went through this same thing, the components checked out OK but still gave me the error lights. check out:


the image at the bottom of the DC controller board is what gave me a clue. the cable that was going to the fuser assembly was not fully seated, probably beeen that way since new. you need to disassemble the bottom of the printer to get at it.

hope this works for you.
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Hey Boxerdog - this sounds quite plausible given that the fault appeared following transportation. I'll look closely...

Thanks and regards,

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