asked Nov 27, 2003 at 9:52pm
Apple Apple StyleWriter Pro

Apple Laserwriter Pro 630 Print is off center

I have a Apple Laserwriter pro 630 that when I print a configuration page or a test engine page I find the print off center. The engine test page appears to be spaced properly at the top 2mm. The problem is the print left-right is missing about 2 lines to the right edge of the paper.

The configuration page shows that the top of the page starts late and the left border is closer to the edge than the right. The bottom border of the printout box is missing. I guess the proper explanation is the print is shifted down and to the left.

The print quality looks great and there is no issues with smearing. I have checked that the drum has the print on it, and it does. The drum lines on an engine test look centered yet on the page they are not. I have tried different cartridges with the same result.

Does anyone know of what to check for a offcenter printing printer? Is there adjustments on the scanner I can do? Does anyone have any tricks of the trade?