asked Nov 26, 2003 at 9:24am
Epson Epson Artisan 810

Epson 810 paper fault

Paper got chewed up inside my printer and I now get the message 'Paper Jam'
I am trying to figure out how to get into the printer to clean out the jammed paper.
There is not a screw in sight.
Any info on how to get bottom off would be greatfully appreciated.
Norman: I'm assuming you are talking about the "Epson LX-810 Impact Printer" [dot matrix printer]. If so then you would probably need a SERVICE MANUAL for in-depth disassembly and troubleshooting, if you can even find one to order. You cannot get the bottom off, you have to remove the "Upper Cover Assembly". First you have to remove the Paper Sheet Guide, Printer Cover, Paper Feed Knob and the rear Paper Tractor Feed Assembly. Then you have to insert a flat screwdriver into each of the two holes in the front of the lower casing and then gently push up to unlock the notches [locking tabs]. Then you lift up on the front of the Upper Casing part way. Then you must disconnect the Ribbon Cable on the Operational Control Panel, prior to fully removing the Upper Case Assembly. Even with the Upper Cover removed, you may need a Service manual to do further disassembly, to be able to remove pieces of paper. I'm sorry, but as an Authorized Epson Service Dealor, I'm limited to the information and help that Epson allows us to release...REGUARDING SERVICE MANUAL AVAILABILITY: I have not actually checked, but I have been told that service manuals are available from: "NATIONAL PARTS DEPOT" @ 1-800-524-8338; "VANCE BALDWIN ELECTRONICS" @ 1-800-432-8542; "ATLANTIC EXCHANGE" @ 1-888-327-2822; "COMPASS MICRO, INC." @ 1-800-388-8595...You may find it easier to actually go on-line and check out each of these dealers, JUST TO BE SURE...Good Luck! Denny Conway......P.S. HERE'S SOME INFORMATION POSTED FROM ANOTHER PERSON, THAT MAY HELP: Master 10/05/2002 03:22:56 Re: Epson stylus adjustment programs. You can find any service manual or service adjustment program for EPSON inkjet printers at www.otd.com.ua. ...OR... SUBJECT: SERVICE MANUALS & SERVICE PROGRAMS...POSTED ON "FIXYOUROWNPRINTER.COM" PRINTER REPAIR SITE... Eva 2/14/2003 23:31:11 Re: Epson Color Stylus Error Codes. See http://www.2MANUALS.COM - they have all service manuals and service programs. Due to them I fixed the same error on me C20! They are friendly!
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Thanks for the info Denny
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