asked Nov 23, 2003 at 9:03pm
Hp HP DeskJet 660CSE

'dead' printer

My HP660Cse completely died. I have checked and there is power up to and into the printer. But activating the off/on switch does absolutely nothing. No noise, no light - nothing.
It worked fine last night - and nothing happened to it since then. Everything else (computer, scanner, speakers, etc.)works normally.
Is there a fuse inside this thing? If so, where?
Thanks for your help.
It could be the switch is loose a fuse or a cold connection where the power plugs into the printer or even a main board problem. Here is a thread from someone having the same problem http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/printer/new/14306.html maybe this might be of some use.

I would start at the switch sometimes they get loosened then I would check the fuse. After that check the connection where the power connects to the main board.

Good luck.

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The power switch does not physically switch power in the DJ 600 series. It is a soft power switch, meaning that it actuates a solid state device that actually powers up the printer. Since I've never seen a power dead 600 series, even after working on about one hundred, I can't tell you where the fuse is, if it exits. If it is there, it is likely a surface mount device or like a small radial lead capacitor, usually silver. As I said in the thread Wes mentioned, no parts are available from HP. If you can't find a blown fuse you have nothing to lose by disassembling the keypad. There may be some corrosion or whatever in it.
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Just had to make a repair to the printer, A bit of plastic broken off the carriage print head holder. The carriage has been removed and replaced. The printer when switched on rushes the print head to the left and just clicks and stays there clicking. Had to switch the power off to stop it. anyone know what I did wrong? How do I sort it?
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