asked Nov 15, 2003 at 4:35am
Epson Epson Stylus Color 660

Epson Stylus 660 internals

Hi My son has discarded his Epson Stylus 660C because 'a spring fell out Dad'.

Does anyone have an internal shot or diagram of the mechanics around the headsd when the head is parked, so I can try to fix. the printer has hardly been used so is worthy of repair.

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One of the employees of Ink Jet Art took a model 700 apart and cleaned it. He took pictures and posted them and instructions on their web site. I do not have the exact page or link so try and search (or use goggle).
There may be other instructions here (this site) by expert Denny Conway...try a search.
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Ashley: GENERALLY SPEAKING: For someone not properly trained/schooled in Epson printer repairs, the reinstallation of the "springs", "cap assy", or other removeal, or repairs to the "cleaning station assy" is fairly difficult. Even then, it is a procedure more self taught through trial and error. I actually learned more from taking apart "dead" printers [for practice], than thru the Epson Schools...I'm sorry, but I don't even know of any links available for you to use. Unfortunatly, even an actual Epson Service Manual does not include any in-detail pictures to go by, or steps on how to repair the cap assembly and cleaning station assembly. Look for an e-mail from me, but even that probably will not be of that much help...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Thanks everyone,

Typically, as soon as I posted the question, my daughters mum came with an Epson 600 with a more minor problem, which she was thowing away. Thus I can take my own pics now. That is assuming they both have the same internals.

If anyone needs pics of these I will gladly email.

My laser is an HP4 which is built like a tank and has 'proper' mechanics. Is there a similar inkjet printer in existance which costs a lot more initially but does not have 'throw away' mechanics and has some sort of bulk ink feed system (i.e ink tanks) and easily replaceable, separate print heads.
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