asked Nov 7, 2003 at 9:54am
Hp HP LaserJet 5MP

HP LaserJet 5MP

I am about at the end of my rope with this printer. For some reason sometimes when I try to print something (usually something important) the printer does nothing to respond except for flashing an orange light. It makes no noise or anything, then the page one (?) light lights up. I have thoroughly cleaned the printer and opened and closed every compartment, but no results. Even more frustrating is that when I press the blue and orange button the test page prints without a hitch. Someone help me please!
When the tray 1 light comes on, it's because the printer was told to feed from the Manual Feed tray. Since it's probably empty, it can't comply and gives you the error. When you ask it to do a test print, it goes to tray 2, which does have paper. Check your software settings and mske sure you have either Auto or Tray 2 selected as the output.
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Thanks for such a quick response! However, that is not working. Let me tell you exactly what I did...I clicked on my printer icon, went to the printer drop down menu, and selected printing preferences. Then I clicked on the paper/supply tab and tried changing it to page two and tried it on auto and it is still doing the same thing. What else can I do?
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There is a black flay for the sensor in the manual tray which is pushed forward when paper is in the tray and causes the machine to take from tray 1. If the flag is missing or stuck in the up position the printer will always try to take paper from tray 1. No paper and you get the jam message. If you place a piece of cardboard in the sensor itself (the black rectangular piece in the middle bottom of the manual tray, the paper should grab from the lower tray. Good Luck.
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