asked Oct 13, 2003 at 7:31am
Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

Epson Rocks!!

I have 2 Epsons, a Color Stylus 600 and a Color Stylus 740. They both print exceptionally well. Hewlett Packard sucks. The expensive cartridges and their paper thin copper heads make it very cheap for them to produce but very expensive for the consumer. I had 2 and pitched them both. Thank you Epson for inexpensive, piezo-electric quality ink jets.
epson is shite, i have a c62 and it constantly says there is a paper jam even when there is no paper in it and the status monitor always says it is printing :-((((((((((((.
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Anonymous: By any chance did you happen to have a bad jam recently, just prior to getting that constant jam indication? Did you have to forcefully pull or yank that bad jam out of your printer, possibly in the backwards direction, towards the rear of the printer?...There's no way for me to actually know for sure, but if you answered yes to those questions, then you may have been the cause of turning your inexpensive printer into that "epson is shite" printer you were talking about. Its even possible that you may have actually caused damage to your own printer and don't even realize it. Most of the problems people have, are caused by something they did or did not do and are not always the printers fault...If you did answer yes to those questions, let me know thru this Printer Repair Site, by replying to this posted message and maybe I can help you correct your possible problem...Denny Conway
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Huh, a nonviolent Epson customer. This is something new..
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With a 600 and a 740 in his stable it wont take long, HE WILL BE VIOLENT. PM
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Are we all from the same planet here..???

Epson are pants, trust me, I have repaired loads..

HP are still the best....build quality and reliability...

Epson are dog noid mate!
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I have been repairing computers and printers for 15 years.

Epson ink jets suck. Image quality may be good, but they like to clog and/or break.

HP is far more reliable.
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If I would afford a good printer, I would buy Hp Photosmart P1000, but for now, i use a Epson Stylus Photo 935 and I can tell you that I investen more money than I would on a Hp printer. Print qualities are almost the same ... but cant compare Hp with Epson, Hp is professional and Epson is ... just cheaper.
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I beleave that epson print head clog like crazy Hp is better use remunufactured cartridges is cheaper and it better than epson epsons they mostly die in one to two years print heads are tiny. just to make profits
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