asked Oct 13, 2003 at 6:42am
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP laserjet 4 error 52

I have a laserjet 4 that stopped working. While printing there was a loud, short noise, like something broke, so my instinctive reaction was to turn the printer off. Now, when I switch it on, I get an error 52 when it's warming up. Do I really need to buy new parts (if at all possible)? Please help anyone...
The 52 error points to the scanner assembly. If you heard a noise, that probably means the scanner motor has failed. The scanner motor is what makes the whining sound when the printer warms up or starts to print. If you don't hear it or the 52 is a solid failure, you'll need to replace the laser scanner assembly.
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Thanks. I think I do hear the motor when I switch on the printer. Still it doesn't print, it says "warming up", then "error 52", than "warming up" again etc. Now this may sound a bit ignorant, but still: replacing the laser scanner assembly, is that something I can do myself? I'm not exactly a technician, you see.
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REplacing it is fairly simple, its a mattter of getting hold of a scanner assembly unit. Perhaps someone has a second hand one from a spare parts machine they can let you have?
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I have also seen this problem being the DC Controller which supplies the power to the scanner
Many cheap parts are available on this model
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Hmm.. I have no idea where to look for parts. Any ideas, anyone, please? I tried Ebay but no luck. And I'm in The Netherlands...
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I am having the same problem and currently have my printer disassembled. You can actually order the scanner assembly unit at www.hp.com......even in The Netherlands. The price is not listed for The Netherlands, but HP is offering the part in the US for $65 plus S&H. By the way, HP lists the part number as RG1-1771-000CN - Scanner Motor Assembly. You will also find diagrams so that you can locate the part while your printer is disassembled. I found it difficult to locate using only the HP diagram, so I also found a great picture of the scanner assembly at All Laser Service (http://www.all-laser.com/error52.html). This company also had additional information on this problem which helped. All Laser Service is offering the part for $69.95. The main reason I found it difficult to locate the scanner assembly using the HP diagram is because they have a bold warning on the diagram and printer warning that the Beam Detect Mirror produces invisible laser radiation that could be harmful and that if the Beam Detection Mirror is removed or damage the entire printer must be replaced. This left me in fear and afraid to touch anything near the beam. Anyhow, after I got over the fear, I found the scanner assembly directly under the warning label. Hope this helps and good luck. If anyone locates the part for less than $65, please let me know. Or, if you would like to donate the part, I would be willing to pay for shipping. Thanks.
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I can do better. Email me.
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