asked Oct 11, 2003 at 8:04am
Apple Apple LaserWriter 360

LaserWriter Select 360 and jam light

Thanks for your site.

I'm posting this question because I didn't find closely related problems in the archives.

I recently got a paper jam on my LaserWriter Select 360 (perfect condition, recent toner), then removed the sheet.

Since then, at every startup, the printer will wait for approx 2 minutes with the "paper jam" light on and then return back to normal, flashing the "ready" light which then goes steady : i can then print normally.

Of course this seems a minor drawback, but does someone know if there is a way to come back to a normal initialization sequence ?

I tried changing paper setting et al with Apple LW utility : no change.

I've read here and there to remove the "formatter board"(*). Could that be of any use ?

I also heard about the "paper sensor"(**). May it be involved ?

Where may I find info on servicing * and ** (the printer docs don't seem very helpful) ?

Thanks for any help.

-- OC