asked May 3, 2001 at 7:36am
Xerox Xerox DocuPrint 4512

Xerox Docuprint 4512 - (Service-(P3))


I recently got hands on a second Xerox Docuprint 4512 for a few bucks and thought it would be a good spare part dispenser for my primary printer, which is of the same type.

Anyway, neither the Xerox support site, nor the european helpline could give me a qualified answer to my question.

I'd simply like to know the meaning of the message "Service (P3)" in the display of my 4512.
Maybe it's just a simple thing (as i've seen on many Xerox printers, especially Hodaka, Lakes and Silverstone) but nobody wants (or is skilled enough) to tell me the meaning of this.

Maybe there's somebody in here ...