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Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Apple Laser Writer II connection

: My wife's school has recently upgraded all their old Mac's to new IBM compatibles. They have a Laser Writer II (model M6000G) and were wanting to know if they can connect this printer up to their new IBM PC. I have found a driver for the printer on the Windows 98 CD, but I can't seem to find the right cable. Can anyone tell me what cable I need, and/or any special connectors that I can use to hook it up.
Ok, this is the exact same text as the question posted here:


Which is from *1999*! What's the deal here?

The M6000G is either the NT or the NTX. Either is usable on a PC with a standard 3-wire serial cable. I wouldn't bother with it if it's an NT, though, as it's quite slow by today's standards and has limited RAM with no expansion possible.
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