asked Sep 30, 2003 at 12:45pm
Epson Epson Artisan 700

epson 700 won't print all colours


My epson 700 just can't print in colour anymore. I've taken it apart about a million times, cleaned everything I can, run the clean process and replaced the colour cartridge... but it still won't print in colour. Sometimes I can get the blue nozzle working but that's about it... black is fine.

The sponge pad under the head seems to fill with colour when I run the clean process so this means the nozzles aren't blocked doesn't it?

Any help would be great before I smash the thing to bits.

Guy: If all three colors on the felt "Cap Assembly" are well defined DARK STRIPES [referred to as a "rainbow effect"], then normally that would indicate that your color "Printhead Assembly" was not CLOGGED. If it was clogged, then no ink, or very little ink would be getting onto that felt pad and you would not see any colored stripes on that pad. There is only one "Cap Assembly" for both the black ink and the colored inks. As you say that the blacks are printing ok, that normally eliminates the possibility of the cap assembly causing a problem with just the colored inks. If there was a sealing problem with the cap assembly, then the blacks would not print either...JUST FOR YOUR INFORMATION: NO SEAL = NO VACUUM EFFECT = NO INK BEING PULLED OUT OF THE "PRINTHEAD NOZZLES" = NO PRINTING ON THE PAPER AS IT TRAVELS THRU THE PRINTER...There's of course no way for me to actually know what is wrong with your printer, but my guess would be that the "printhead assembly" is bad/failing or the "main board assembly" is bad/failing. In your "700", there is only one actual printhead assembly, with both black and color built into one assembly. Some Epson Ink Jet Printers have a separate black printhead assembly and a separate color printhead assembly. Its more likely that the main board assembly is causing your problem, but again, no way for me to really know. If no electrical signals are getting to the color portion of the printhead assembly, then the nozzles would not fire and of course no ink would print onto the paper as it passes thru the printer. Ink would still get onto the felt pad, do to the vacuum effect that draws the ink out of the printhead nozzles during the operation of the "cleaning station assembly" and "pump assembly". The same effect on the felt pad would happen even if the printhead assembly was failing. If the color portion of the printhead was CLOGGED, then there would be no rainbow effect on that felt pad, as ink could not pass thru the nozzles. So even trying a "Printhead Cleaning Kit" would normally be a waste of money and time. As the blue nozzle works sometimes, then I would have to think that the electrical signals for at least the "Cyan Nozzles" were causing them to fire at least occasionally. At any rate, its really not economical to even replace the printhead assembly, let alone the main board assembly. You normally could buy a new printer cheeper. I'm sorry that I can't really help you any further, but I think you have pretty well narrowed your problem down to those two assemblies...Denny Conway
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Thanks for your reply and shedding some light on it...

I guess there's nothing else I can do, so a new printer it is :(
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