asked Sep 25, 2003 at 4:51am
Epson Epson LQ 850

Epson 850 Clogged Black Print Head

I have a problem with clogged jets on my Epson 850 color printer. The color nozzle check pattern looks good but the black pattern is missing several dashes. I ordered the repair kit for Epson printers from this site and followed the instructions. I repeated the procedure 2 times and tried the alternate procedure once. The black pattern continues to be the same. Any other suggestions? If the print head needs to be replaced, are there manual alignments that need to be done to install a new print head? I have removed the black print head once because of this problem so I know how to remove and replace the print head mechanically. Any suggestions on the least expensive site to order a head?
Frank: If you have already tried the "printhead cleaning kit" several times, then I would guess that the printhead is probably bad, or possibly even the Main Board Assembly is failing. The main board sends electrical signals to the printhead nozzles causing them to actually fire, resulting in the ink printing...The only place that I know of that you can order a replacement printhead is from an "Epson Authorized Service Dealer", one thats closest to where you live. Unfortunatly, its normally cheeper to buy a new small ink jet printer than to actually buy a new printhead assembly and have it installed. Even if you did the installation yourself, you would probably need to buy a Service Manual for reference and for possible factory adjustments. I don't know of any after market makers for Epson Printheads, because they are too expensive and no one normally wants to pay for them to start with. Also Epson holds the patent rights and won't release the manufactoring plans. Because almost every older model of Epson Printer, has a different make of printhead, its just not economical for an aftermarket company to try to produce generic printheads. If one particular printhead, is only good for one or two older printer models and there's really not that many of those printers still around, then there's no real market base anyway...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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