asked Apr 20, 2001 at 6:42pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP LaserJet 4 Streaking

It is correct to assume I know VERY little about printer repair. I have an older LJ4 that began having a streak (3/4" wide) about 2" from the left edge of the paper, the remainder of the print is great. I cleaned everything in sight and then pulled the flap back on the toner cartridge and saw a big streak of toner on the green roller. I cleaned this off but the streak quickly returned. I thought a new cartridge may help but the same thing occurred. I am a student that needs the printer and very little $$ so is there a fairly quick and inexpensive lesson to be taught?? I appreciate any help! - gc
The streak you refer to is caused by a bad wiper blade in the toner cartridge. The wiper blade cleans off toner that isn't transferred to the page and deposits it in a waste receptacle. I assume since you're a student with little cash that you bought a "refilled" toner cartridge. I'd take it back where you purchased it and ask them for a good one, preferably one where they put in a new wiper blade.
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Clink,could be that your fusing roller has toner baked on. some are accesible and can be cleaned some not. have cleaned up several on different model printers but the 4 not just sure good luck.
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Fuser streaking is more of a ghost image and is always in the center of the page, not to one side. Problem is definitely a bad toner cartridge. Final answer!
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