asked Aug 31, 2003 at 9:46am
Hp HP DeskJet Plus

HP LJ 4 Plus: manual feed door

I have a small problem which I would like advice please. Maybe someone else has had the same problem.
It is the manual tray door which, of course, you need to open if you want to use the manual tray.
Owners of one of these printers will know that the door closes by raising upwards, and the catch fits into the fitting at the top , just under front lid of the printer. To open the door, one has then to press on the front of the door, and it is supposed to drop down.
With this printer of mine , however, when the door has been closed, it stays closed, even when you press to open.
It seems that the catch on the door is connecting to tightly to its fitting, and thus it stays shut. In fact, to get it open, you have to pry it open by putting a screwdriver, knife or other flat item in the side, and wrenching it open.
Ive tried pushing the two clips on the top catch under the lid apart, but this doesnt make any difference.
It may seem only a trivial problem, but it affects the ability to operate the printer properly.
Yours sincerely