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Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Laserwriter II Fuser Problem

Hi there,

I've got the 2 blinking lights problem with my Apple Laserwriter II. I replaced the power unit (purchased here) and it didn't solve the problem, so I removed the fuser unit and checked the ohms as suggested in your "SX Fuser Test" page.

On the left side (the pins), I get about 1.78M ohms, but on the right, I'm not sure what needs to be checked. I can't get a reading between the two white slots. If that's not the place, where do I take a reading from?

If I've done this right and something is amiss with my fuser, what is the next step?

// Jordan
jordan, you should have checked the fuser first, but since you didn't you should now. if you put a known good ac power supply in it then pull the fuser out and replace it. chances are that if something in your fuser is bad replace it. however before you do all that turn your printer off for about 15 minutes and then turn it back on and run 20 pages if you can if you can and then the error starts again then your dc controller is shot.if you can't then replace your fuser.

by the way, what lites are on exactly?
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hey joe, thanks for the quick reply.

the two red lights (paper jam and paper tray) blink as soon as the printer finishes its blinking-green warm up cycle, no matter how long it's been off. in this condition, it won't run any pages requested by my computer.

the problem has deteriorated: a year ago, it would print a few pages (maybe 2-5 in total) before the red lights came on, after which i could turn the printer off for 30 minutes and print another volley.

i've tried following the "SX Fuser Test" instructions, but I can't find the points to measure from on the right side of the fuser. can you direct me there?

also, where could I find a working fuser, if indeed this one is bad? how much should i expect to pay?
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The symptoms you describe of it printing a few pages at a time are classic ac power module beginning to fail indications. What I suspect happened is that when the power module did fail, it failed in the continuously on position. This caused the fuser to stay on until it overtemped and burned up. If you had replaced the fuser first, the new one would have burned up the first time you turned the printer on. The 2 contacts at the right side should read about 2-3 ohms.
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Thanks, Moe –

So in that case, now that I've replaced the power module, my one remaining problem is a burned out fuser?

Would not getting any reading (infinite ohms) suggest a dead fuser, or is it possible I am I reading it wrong? Do you know where I might find a replacement fuser?

// Jordan
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