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Epson Epson Stylus Color 660

epson stylus color 660 will not print

I have cleaned the printer quite thoroughly but it won't print anything.There is ink coming through when it does a cleaning cycle as I can see it forming underneath the printer because I have the ink soaker felt pad out.Can anyone tell me how a print head actually works? What or how is the ink forced or drawn out of the head to print a page.Could the head be out of alignment, as I have had the head out, or could it be buggered? any help would be appreciated. thanks!
It could very well be the alignment if you see ink coming out.. do you have some kind of alignment program ?
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Also... have you left the ink cartridges in ? If not any left over ink can dry up if left for a period of time.... so your ink heads may be clogged? :shrugs:
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Thanks for your reply Pete. I don't have an alignment program. When I say I took the head out I mean that I removed the whole assembly off the rod;ink holders, cartridges, and head altogether as one unit. I should have explained that in the first place, sorry. Anyway do you have to realign the head after doing this? I am not quite sure how the head works but I was sort of thinking that if the ink is being pulled through when the printer goes through a cleaning cycle, then maybe when the printer is asked to print something the paper is not close enough to the heads to draw the ink out.Do you Know what I mean? When I tell it to print a test pattern eveything works as normal but when the paper comes out it is blank, not a drop of ink on it.Is it possible for the ink to be sucked out in a cleaning cycle but still not print anything when asked? Can the ink come out of another outlet other than the inkjets when it goes through a cleaning cycle? Thanks again for your help.
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Does anyone have any other suggestions for this problem? There is ample ink coming through after running cleaning cycles, but it will not print a thing. How do the heads actually work? How do you realign the heads on the printer? Can someone explain this to me, please. I have heard people say 'heads may be burnt out' or 'fried', what does this mean? Any help would be most appreciated, thanks.
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Daniel: I'm assuming that the "ink soaker felt pad" is actually the felt "cap assembly" that the "print cartridge holder assembly/printhead assembly" parks over on the far right side of the printer. If so, then unfortunatly that is a problem in itself. Your Printer cannot work without the felt "cap assembly" properly installed. Notice the rubber ring around that felt pad, which causes a seal when the printheads come in contact with it. As the bottom of the printhead assembly is sealed to the cap assembly, the "pump assembly" creates a vacuum. The ink inside the cartridges is basically suctioned out thru that vacuum and starts flowing out for the printing process. SO BASICALLY, AS FAR AS THE "CAP ASSY" AND ITS RELATED SYSTEM GOES: No pumping action = no printing; no vacuum = no printing; no cap assy sealing action = no printing. As you can see that felt pad assy must be in place and making a proper seal [all springs in their proper place] and the pump assy must also be working [all hoses on and not kinked], or the ink will not be properly drawn out of the printhead nozzles for the printing process...Good Luck! Denny Conway...P.S. The "Printhead Alignment" is done through your Printer Properties Utility on the software program in your computer system, that is loaded when the Printers Drivers are loaded...Burned out printheads basically mean that the printhead nozzles are no longer capable of working electronically [firing process] and the entire printhead assembly is then technically failing or bad and would have to be replaced. It's not normally economical to replace the printhead assy, as you could probably buy a new printer cheeper. Sometimes the printhead assy is not actually bad, but its a failing "main board assembly" that is not sending the necessary electrical signals to the printhead assy for correct operation. That board is even more expensive than the printhead assy.
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Denny, thanks for your reply. The felt "cap assembly" is in place, the "ink soaker felt pad" I am referring to is the big pad underneath for soaking up all the ink in the priming/head cleaning routine. The ink is pouring out onto felt "cap ass" and out the bottom of the printer(I still have the soaker pad out),so the head is definitely making a good seal with the "cap ass" and is creating a vacuum and the pump is doing its job and sucking the ink through the nozzles.But still it will not print.It is all functioning correctly as far as the movement of the head and there are no lights flashing.You say that the printhead prints electronically, so does the ribbon connected to the printhead power it.I have been having a few problems with this connection. If the connection between the ribbon and the printhead is faulty could this cause it not to print.Also if the main board is at fault is there a way of testing it. Thanks again,
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check F1 on mainboard, If open then both printhead and mainboard need replacing which is expensive.
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Daniel: Check Roberts reply to you, concerning the testing of the "main board assembly". Thats about all you can really do, other than actual replacement or swapping of parts, which is not really economical to do, considering how inexpensive new small ink jet style printers are. Any electrical part/component/connector between the mainboard and the printhead could be causing a problem, but its not generally worth the effort or cost to try and eliminate those possible problems. You can buy a new printer cheeper than just the printhead assembly itself...Denny Conway
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Thanks for your replies Denny and Robert they are
most appreciated.Just one more question though.Does the ribbon going to the printhead make the head print ie.push the ink out the inkjets?
Thanks again
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Daniel: The "pump assembly" and the "cap assembly" are actually responsable for the vacuum that draws/pulls the ink out of the "printhead assembly". Thats why ink can be pulled out of the printhead nozzles, but still no printing may be done on the paper passing through your printer. The "mainboard assembly" sends electrical signals to the printhead assembly causing it to fire or print, resulting in the ink being placed on the paper. A "logic board" built into/onto the mainboard assy, converts the DATA sent from your computer into the electrical signals sent to the printhead assembly...Denny Conway
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How do you 'check F1 on mainboard' ?
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