asked Apr 13, 2001 at 1:42am
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP4 Noise, Doesn't Print

I've had lots of problems with the printer for years, but I think I broke it now.

I was printing on heavy stock by opening the back door and pushing the paper through the upper tray. This worked for a while as it always has, then it didn't. I pushed harder and sometimes had to pull the paper back into the tray to get it out, since it wouldn't go through the printer. Thinner paper still went through normally.

The last time I pulled a sheet back, a small, black tonguelike piece of plastic at my left stuck into the paper. I continued to pull the paper till I got it out, but the plastic piece stuck down onto the tray. Finally I got the plastic free and it swung easily back and forth. I touched this part in an HP4 in a store and it felt exactly the same.

But now my printer doesn't work at all. It acts as though it's going to print, but when the paper should start going through, all that happens is that a grinding noise begins and a paper jam message appears. This happens with 20 lb. paper from either tray.

I can't see any paper inside. If I get a flashlight, where should I look? Or does it sound as though it's beyond that and something's really broken?
Going by your description, I'd say you broke the paper exit sensor arm. It also sounds like you broke either a gear in the fuser assy or the gear driving the fuser. The whole fuser pops out easily, just 2 screws on the bottom and carefully slide it out.
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