asked Apr 8, 2001 at 9:50pm
Apple Apple LaserWriter LaserWriter

Apple Laserwriter

Yes, I still have the original warhorse! I just upgraded from a PowerCenter to a G4 566 running OS9.1. The printer is hooked up through a network hub using an Asante Talk server. The chooser seems to recognize the printer. However, when I select print it looks as if it is trying to spool the document. I then get a message that says "The _____ (page I'm trying to print) file will be moved to the trash because no desktop printer exists for this spool file." I have gone to the "Background Printing" subwindow in the printing window and select "Print in: Forground (no spool file)" and the page will print.
I also have a Epson color printer that works great, except when I make these changes and then everything seems to get messed up.
Any ideas?
Thanks, Bill