asked Aug 9, 2003 at 3:33pm
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Apple LaserWriter II SC

I had not used my LaserWriter II SC for some months and when I tried to use it recently, it sounded normal and the blinking lights were normal...up to a point. Then the two lights on the right went red. I tried the SCSI set to 7 and restarted to print a test page. Nope. Same result,the lights go red. The manual is real helpful. It says bring it in to an Apple repair center.

To make things worse, on the PerForma 6115CD I cannot even select the printer in Chooser.The message is that there is no Printing Extension in the Extensions Folder. But it is in there. Help is no good since I select the printer but Help does not recognize that I did so.

Bad formatter board. To prove it, do an engine test. See Troubleshooting Section for location. If it prints the test, change the formatter. I think we might have a few SC boards laying around.
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