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Hp HP LaserJet 5MP

HP5MP paper wrapped around rear roller

I have a(n) HP LaserJet 5MP with a paper jam in the rear output area. The paper has completely wrapped around one of the rollers (fuser perhaps?). I cannot envision getting it out without completely disassembling the printer, as I cannot access the paper with basic disassembly-or needlenose pliers for that matter. Is this undertaking worthwhile (disassembly) or should I scrap the printer? (My cost estimates are on par with a new or refurbished unit). Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
PS-are there any capacitors in there?

You could open the printer up and remove the fuser to remove the paper. Don't use any needle-nose because you could damage the fixinf film and/or the Fuser roller.

1). Turn printer off.
2). Open the cover and remove the toner cartrdige.
3). Remove the four screws under the top cover.
4). Push the latch down at the left hand side then slide the left side panel toward the front to remove it. Open and remove the printer cable side door and disconnect the cable.
5). Open and remove the power cable side door.
6). Open the back door and open the MP tray to full down position.
7). Turn the printer onto its right side. There are four latches holding the cover in place:
Two at the back and two at the front. Use a screw driver to unlatch them. Be careful not to use brutal force or it is Super Glue/new cover time.
8). Remove the black cover at the back of the fuser.
9). Remove the four screws holding the fuser in place.
10). Lift the Fuser assembly slightly and slide it out.

Have fun. If you are thinking about junking it, might as well have some fun.

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Sorry, for not getting back to you earlier but my boss bumped this one way down on my list.

Anyway, I'm stuck on step #7:
I've gotten the four latches to release and the cover is almost off but it is still stuck at one point - the front corner just below the button that opens up the top cover to the toner cartridge. I am at the brute-force point but have stopped just short...It's quite firmly stuck and I can't seem to locate what I think is a fifth latch. Do I need to remove the letter/paper tray on the front (but how)? or is there another "latch" I need to unstick?

By the way - is the cover removal the most challenging aspect of fixing these?

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The cover removal is real easy. I can pop one off in less than 10 seconds, using just my fingers. The front corners are easier than the back ones. There are only the 4 latches.
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Thanks to Dewaine our office printer is up and running again! Though I'd like to add a few steps that I had to go through:

7a) There is in fact a small tab at the front corner below where the button/latch that opens the top (toner) lid. One of my office mates helped here as I tend to break things when they stick a little.

11) Remove two springs on either side of fuser assembly.
12) Remove metal cover plate that was attached by the two springs.
13) Unplug wire connectors on either side of top roller of fuser assembly.
14) Carefully pull out top roller.
15) Remove offending paper. Sticky little bugger, I might add.
16) Reassemble. Bonus if you use all the parts!

Thanks again.

PS-Thanks for the info Moe, we’re all quite impressed and proud of you.
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