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LaserWriter II Memory Upgrade

I've upgraded the memory on a couple of LaserWriter IIg printers (from the 8 1mb modules to 8 4mb modules - 32mb total). These are used on an AppleShare network in the school.

Question: Configuration info in the Chooser for the printers shows 8mb max memory (can select 2mb, 5mb or 8mb). Should I worry about this - does this matter wether the 32mb is seen by the system or not?

I did see a 3-pin 2-position jumper on the IIg logic board with a 4mb or 2mb selection. The jumper is on the 2mb pairing. Could not find any info in Apple's IIg specs and manuals on this. Didn't know if it has anything to do with the memory installed. Thanks in advance for any info!
If I remember correctly, 8mb is the max you can install. Anything else is not seen. 8mb at 300dpi is plenty for full page graphics. Adding more memory would serve no purpose, it won't make it run any faster.
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Hi Moe,

On just about everything except the Apple Laserwriter IIF & IIG, the Xante Accelawriter and the Gestetner GRX820 or Hurricane, that's exactly right... on the Apple's, the more memory opens up Photograde, and increases the complexity of photo images that can be printed - apparently they can handle 65 distinct shades of grey, and support 130 combinations of patterns and densities... unfortunately the photograde printing (at 600dpi) require a lot of ram - that said, 32 meg is the maximum addressable by the machine... don't forget, Apple are talking FinePrint (their own resolution enhancement), PhotoGrade & Postscript all at the same time... lots of memory does pay off...

Incidentally, the Xante is a similar 600 dpi system, so bags of memory help it there, and the Gestetner boards can format multiple pages in memory if they have enough on board, so you can get 'true' 8 page per minute printing from an SX... both need buckets of ram to get the most out of them...

Stuart Elflett
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The jumber on the motherboard relates to the on board rom and was according to mac no boards in production that made the jumper useful.

I have ordered 16 MB addtional memory for the IIg; it can't hurt and at $16 why worry.

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You need to use the standard 4 meg 70 pin 60 nansecond RAM. I took mine out of an old IIci.

I think your problem is related to using the wrong RAM.

This printer hold (8) 4 meg RAM chips for a total of 32 megs RAM. I really like these printers. And MOE has the parts to keep them running when they need a little attention.

Craig Bergh
Worthington, MN
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