asked Jul 28, 2003 at 10:46am
Epson Epson Stylus Color 3000

Epson3000 won't feed second sheet

My Epson Stylus Color 3000 works pretty well, but with one annoying problem: after nearly every single page that I print from the standard letter sized print tray, it has problems feeding the next sheet. It tries to feed it, it sounds like, but almost never gets a new page fed. The Pause light comes on and I have to press it for it to feed and print the next page. I use new Epson or HP inkjet paper that I fan and carefully stack in the tray. The left alignment piece is in the right place and all the hardware looks good - as best I can tell. It has done this regardless of computer, operating system, means of connection or software used.

Has anyone experienced this on the Epson 3000 or other Epson printer? Is it just cleaning/alignment, or is there a firmware/Postscript problem going on?

James: As an "Epson Authorized Service Dealer", there's only so much information and help that I can legally give. There's of course no way for me to actually know whats wrong with your printer. It's possible that you may even have an actual HARDWARE PROBLEM [parts problem]. Unfortunatly the Epson S.C. 3000, 5000 & 5500 are three of the higher end ink jet style printers that are sent back to the "Epson Repair Depot", in Indiana for repairs. I seldom actually do any work on the 3000 series, because of that repair procedure thru Epson. The only advice I can give you, is to call the "Epson Technical Support Department" at 562-276-1300 and talk directly with a technician thats trained on your model. When your printer is out of warranty, you not only have to pay for the phone call, but are usually required to have a credit card to pay for technical support help, just like most companies today...I'm sorry that I cannot really help you, but I do hope that someone else with experience on your model, can help you further...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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