asked Sep 19, 2000 at 2:04am
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HP LaserJet III feed problem


I am having a problem feeding paper into an HP
LaserJet III printer. I recently pulled this
printer out of the basement and am trying to get
it working again. I purchased a legal tray and
am trying to get it to work with letter size
paper. I think or thought that letter would work
in a legal tray.

Ok so I place the paper into the tray at the
front, place lid on the tray and insert into
front of printer. Now, everytime I hit reset,
the printer pulls the top sheet in about a
centimeter. After about ten resets, the page
finally hits what I believe to be the sensor and
it pulls it in the rest of the way and prints. I
must do this for every page I want to print, not
just the first.

Is there anything I can do here. Do I need a
letter tray or is there a setting somewhere I
have to modify?

You can't use letter paper in a legal tray. There is a plastic protrusion at the front of the tray that makes with a switch in the printer. It tells the printer to expect legal paper. The other problem is a bad pickup roller. We have a kit for that on our Printer Repair Kits page.
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Thanks for the reply. I did look at the roller.
The big rubber one in the middle . It's
completely round accept for the side that sits on
the paper. It is flat. A friend of mine tells me
this can happen if the rubber sits pressed
against something for an extended period of time.

Will I need a new roller? I don't imagine rubber
revitalizer will fix this as it's totally flat.
If so, any ideas where I can purchase a roller


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It's called a "D" roller because it's shaped like a D. It's supposed to be flat on the bottom. It's not supposed to be shiny. If the roller looks shiny it is worn out and rubber restorer would be a temporary fix at best.
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Ok so it sounds like I should pick up the
LaserJet II/III repair kit for this problem then.
I think that's what I'll do rather than the
Thanks very much for your help.


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