asked Jul 26, 2003 at 8:48am
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Apple Laserwriter IIG I/O Motherboard upgrade

I want to thank you for correctly diagnosing my printing problems to be just a change of toner cartridge. The printer now works beautifully for a printer that cost me all of $9 to acquire.

I have another question. I have an Apple Laserwriter II and found on ebay someone wanting to sell an Apple Laserwriter IIG I/O board w/32MB . It looks like it has a parallel port which my old mb did not have. Will it fit and what are the major advantages of it?


The main advantage (and only reason that the //g boards have consistently sold at a high premium) is an ethernet connection.

This allows the Laserwriter to connect to multiple computers via the network. These boards also have serial (with LocalTalk) and parallel connections.

But it's the ethernet you're for which you're paying.
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The ethernet is a plus, but also consider the 32 megs of memory. Arguably the best printer ever for grunt work. I use mine a lot. It's well worth the upgrade. You shouldn't have to pay more than $50 or so though. I've seen them cheaper.
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I rebuilt a Laserwriter IIg from various parts. Works well with my Apple laptop using the serial port. Cannot get the ethernet port to
work. Any suggestions?
thanks in advance for your help.

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It's been awhile, but I think you have to change the port selector switch on the back. If you change it to "4" and power on the printer, it will print a config page showing what each setting is. I know 0 is the serial port.
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What OS are you using? System 10 and above should auto detect, however, older OS require that you choose connect via ethernet in the appletalk menu. Also, you need to use a crossover cable.
Sue O
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