asked Mar 30, 2001 at 10:18pm
Hp HP DeskJet PS

HPIIP error 12?


My old HPIIP LaserJet printer is starting to act up after nearly
flawless performance this past decade or so. Inconsistently, when I
turn the printer on, I sometimes get an error "Message: 12 Printer Open
Or No EP" and sometimes it just warms up properly as usual.

HP's website indicates the following for this error code:

"The printer is not closed properly, the toner cartridge
is missing, broken, or defective, or the cooling fan is
not working. Plugging a 220V model printer into a120V power source can
also result in this message. Ensure the printer is firmly closed. If
the message
persists, consult service."

Now, the fan seems to be working and the door seems to be closing
properly. What could be wrong here? Does something need cleaning or
adjusting? What is an EP? Any and all suggestions would be greatly
helpful since it would be difficult to justify spending lots of money on
this old workhorse in the repair shop.

Harold Evans
Bloomington, IN
[email protected]

PS Please reply to my email address. I don't often log onto this

PPSS I noticed a kit here for this fix. If this kit doesn't do the job, what else could I do? Is the kit returnable if it is not the solution?