asked Mar 27, 2001 at 10:17am
Unknown Printer

Laserwrier Pro 630 - Entry Jam

I've been reading all printer fixing ideas you've got here. Fantastic!! (The best so far is the inversed printing, even the startup page inversed.)

Anyway, my problem is a paper jam that occours maybe 2 secs after the paper has been picked up from the 250page box. The top of the paper has only moved maybe 3centimetres into the machine. The machine stops the feeding and lights the Paper Jam light.

I've also got a 630 at home, and one difference between the two is the black rubber feeder wheel. (To the left just above the paper int the tray.)
The bad printer's rubber wheel I can move both ways with my finger. The working printer's rubber wheel I can only spin one way, trying to spin it the other way locks the wheel.

Any ideas if this is fixable?

/Matti Zemack, Stockholm, Sweden