asked Sep 18, 2000 at 1:44pm
Unknown Printer

more on Work Center Pro 610


After reading your trouble shoot sections in more details, I try to recollect how the fuser problems started on my Work Center Pro 610.

The unit was never turn off. (It's fax machine) And somehow I need to turn off the unit for something--to clear paper jam error message may be. As I turn it back on, and the printer warming up, it produce this horrible gear grinding sound. I can't bear to hear it and turn it off. Everytime I try to turn it back on it sounds like that. I never got as far as trying to print since. Does any of your kit provide a fix or I should seriously looking for another machine?
I appreciate your answer. Thanks!



If you are sure that the printer was hit with a paper jam issue, I would prefer you looking at the printhead of your Workcenter Pro 610. Check if there is a damage on the printheads. If so, service the printer with the manufacturer, else, other than replacing the printer, there will not be a better choice. For Support Call Our Toll-Free 1-866-293-9220

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