asked Sep 18, 2000 at 12:53pm
Hp HP DesignJet 90

Accordian Paper Jams - HP Series 4


I have an HP Laserjet series 4 printer which I have owned for the past seven years. Within the last three years I have been frustrated by increasingly more paper jams. Actually what happens is that the paper is almost out of the printer and at the bottom of the page, it starts getting crinkled, like an accordian. Often a paper jam will ensue. It seems like the problem is related to the exit portion of the printer, but I'm at a loss. I've talked to HP about this over the phone and I've cleaned all the parts they recommended I clean. The problem does not always happen, but does occur about 90\% of the time. As I mentioned, the problem seems to be getting worse. It's out of warranty now and I hate not to use what was once a very expensive and great printer. Any help you can provide is appreciated.



I just received and installed repairs for this problem on my HP 4M. Let me say how pleased I am with the taped instructions. Not being a techie, I completed the steps in about 2 hours.

Keep up the great work folks.



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Hi Marcus,

I'm glad to hear the tape was user friendly. Were the problems you experienced with your HP 4M similar to the ones I described?

Also, were your problems resolved with the repair kit?



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Your solution to accordian jams is to replace the output asm which sits at the back of the printer above the fuser. I am a Field Engineer and I work on HP's every day. You can do this.


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