asked Sep 18, 2000 at 7:47am
Xerox Xerox WorkCentre Pro 610

Xerox Work Center 610 Fuser problem

HI, my printer, a Xerox Work Center Pro 610, started acting up couple months ago--paper feeding problems. Then all of sudden, it creats a very loud noise, won't print, and has an error message of "fuser problem".

Can someone tell me what's a fuser problem and whether it is something I can fix with a kit? I saw the fuser assembly for this machine cost $199. May be I should buy a new printer instead?

The error means the fuser isn't getting up to operating temparature. Usually, this is a burned out lamp in the fuser. Given all the other problems you're having, and having no love for the Xerox Work Center line, I'd consider replacing it. My preference in that price range is the HP3150.
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Thanks for the reply. Since I posted the message I have done some research on printers. Everybody seems to have simular paper feeding problems(i.e. multiple sheets being picked up) after a year or so, and mine started to have that problem after almost 4 years with drum and toner changed only once--not too shabby. If the fuser problem and the paper pick up problem are too expansive too fix, might as well buy a new one. Thanks for your suggestion on the HP3150. I have always wanted a color printer and if I am to buy a brand new one, I would consider one that has color function. However, I am so use to laser printer I don't know if I can go back to injet printer. Do you have any recommendations on multifunctions device with color? It seem to me I have to choose between color or laser. Would you recommend th HP T,G or R series? They are on the expansive side ($400-800) but if they can do a good job, it would save me from buy a seperate $400 printer for color and photo. Any opinions?
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The HP Office Jets seem to all be 13 month wonders. I see a lot of them fail after 13 months (just past the warranty) and have to go back to HP. No way would I recommend any of the color mfcs. All vertical feed machines are bad for paper handling. The HP3150 has been improved.
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