asked Jun 24, 2003 at 6:12am
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

streaks on Apple Laserwriter II NT

I acquired this printer for next to nothing & notices that whenever I printed a page or 2, ther was always 3 or 4 horizontal lines and some smudging whenever I printed. The printer always printed the complete text but the smudging and lines were always a problem. I noticed that the toner was full (by the weight) and had some labels showing last change in 1995. Thought nothing of this and tried to clean the rollers with alcohol as best as I could and even later discovered from my local Staples a product from Kensington called "Paper Guardian Paper Path Cleaning Sheets". After printing a blank page 5-6 times on each sheet the 3 horizontal lines would appear on each sheet and in the same places with some smuding in exactly the same places on each sheet. Now I know that the rollers are clean, would it be obvious that the toner is the villain and if I invest in a complete toner assembly that this issue will be solved?


Warren, if the fuser were his problem, the markings on the page wouldn't come, and go, and come again.

Also, the damage to the fuser that you describe isn't likely to produce horizontal lines across the page.

The first diagnosis is always the same... replace the toner cartridge.

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