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Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

Epson Stylos Colour 600 problem

I have been using an Epson Stylos Colour 600 printer for the last two years with trouble free operation, but now I get an error message which tells me the printer is "off line", and of course the printer doesnt do anything..
I have done a check on the printer with all leads but power disconnected, and it prints the test pattern just fine, but when all the leads are reconnected I still get the message that it is "Off line".
Would anyone like to offer any ideas as to why this is happening, and if possible how to rectify this problem.

Thanks, Allan
Allan: As an "Epson Authorized Service Dealer", there's only so much information and help that I can legally give. There's of course no way for me to actually know whats wrong with your printer. Your problem seems to be either in your PC/System, software, printer drivers, internal computer settings, or even your printer cable. I only work on the printers and you may need help from a Computer Technician. The only things you can probably do yourself is to try and eliminate possible problems. #1: You can delete your old drivers and download the latest available drivers from the Epson.com web-site. As drivers are FREE, I usually recommend trying those first if you have a communication problem. Bad or corrupted drivers can cause many problems. "DEINSTALL" [remove] your old drivers/printer first and then go to the "EPSON.COM" web-site. Look under "DRIVERS AND SUPPORT" and then click-on "DRIVERS AND DOWNLOADS". Look under the "Ink Jet Printers" for your "Epson Stylus Color 600" and click-on it. Once the "DOWNLOAD PAGE" opens, read the INFORMATION to locate your particular SYSTEM [Win's 95,98,ME,2000.etc.] and then click-on it. Follow the directions and read all the available information concerning your systems driver downloads. Finally at the bottom of the page, click-on "Printer Software Installation for Windows ___ [Epson Printers]", or the "Download" option button. After the downloading utility opens, read the download information available, make your choices and complete the installation...If that does not help, then #2: Try a different printer cable. If you do not want to buy one, possibly try to borrow one from a friend...#3: Try using a different software program to print from. EXAMPLE: If you were using OFFICE, then try WORD. #4: Actually take your printer over to a friend's and install it on their PC/System. Load new printer drivers and install your printer cable. Run a print job from that different PC/System and see if your printer works ok now. Using a second PC/System for testing, you will know for sure if your problems are in your Computer or not...If those suggestions don't help, then its time to get the help from a Computer Technician. Unfortunatly, you may not be able to get any further help from this "printer repair site", because we mainly work on printer problems. I do hope someone else can help you...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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