asked Jun 22, 2003 at 7:22pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4M

HP 4M issue


I have a HP4M which is doing something strange.

Basically you load it up and run the inbuild test page printout and it prints a perfect sheet from the bottom cassette.

However when I try and print a test page from my PC the readout on the printer keeps telling me to "load letter". I assume that means that the printer thinks the paper cassette is empty. I tried printing from the manual feeder and it just said the same thing.

What could it be?
Doesn't anybody ever read the other part of the message that says "or no lpt 1"? It's strictly a communications problem. Your computer doesn't see the printer. Could be a bad cable a bad lpt port or a bad driver. The computer can not see the paper tray, so you can ignore that part of the message.
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Well I have never seen an "other part of the message" , the readout doesnt scroll or change.

I know the cable is fine because I used the one connected to my HP 4L which works fine.

I was using the old style parallel interface with the centronix? connector. i'll see if i can rustle up another cable for the serial port.

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Ok I retried everything suggested however the problem has now slightly changed.

The printer still says PC Load letter once a print job goes through, but if i hold the shift button and press continue it prints fine. Is there some function i have to change for it to not keep asking me to load paper i already have loaded?
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If you don't have a MIO JetDirect card in your printer and you are not networking the printer via Ethernet network, please do a Cold Reset of your printer:

1). Turn the printer off.
2). Hold down the Online button and turn the printer on. You should see the msg: Cold Reset being displayed.
3). Let go of the Online button and wait till the printer comes up. You might have to press Online button if it comes up to Offline state.

That is it. If you have a JetDirect card, remove it before you turn the printer on as in Step 2.

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