asked Jun 20, 2003 at 2:36pm
Epson Epson Stylus Color 660

epson 660

does anyone have the reset program for this
Gordon : As an "Epson Authorized Service Dealer", there's only so much information and help that I can legally give. There's of course no way for me to actually know whats wrong with your printer. If all the lights are flashing, then its probably because the "waste ink pads" need to be replaced. There is an Internal Ink Counter on the "main board assembly" that keeps count of the number of prints made. If you just reset that counter without replacing those pads, your printer will eventually overflow and start leaking...RESET INFO FOR MOST OLDER EPSON STYLUS COLOR PRINTERS: NORMALLY I CANNOT GIVE OUT THE RESET CODE, BUT AS I'VE SEEN IT LISTED BEFORE, EVEN ON THIS "PRINTER REPAIR SITE", I WILL GIVE IT TO YOU...Hold in on the "Load/Eject Button" and "Cleaning Button" while you turn on the "Power Button". The printer will enter the EEPROM reset mode and you can then release both buttons. The "Load/Eject Light/Led" flashes for a few seconds as the EEPROM is reset. This Reset is only for a "Maintenance Error" reset on most older Epson S.C. Printers...REMEMBER: IF YOU DON'T REPLACE THE "WASTE INK PADS", YOU WILL PROBABLY GET AN INK LEAK AND END UP WITH WORSE PROBLEMS...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Thank you very much for your reply, sorry for not getting back to you earlier but i've been on vacation. I wiil try to repair the printer first thing tomoorow morning.Thanks again Gordon
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