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Hp HP LaserJet 4M

HP LJ4M constant paper jam

I have an HPLJ 4m that constantly jams. I don't know a lot about printers but it seems like it is jamming before the fuser because the ink is still wet when I pull it out. It folds up like an accordian in the machine every time. I've looked for blockage such as scraps of paper and found nothing. I saw that you have a fuser jam repair kit but I don't hear any crunching or grinding. And the paper is getting through the fuser (I don't think) so I don't think it's an exit jam. What do you guys think?

If paper stops before entering the fuser the reason can be that the fuser does not turn. Indeed the fuser gear that faces the engine could work but the gear does not move the upper fuser roller. To verify what I say, just open the back lid of the printer and then remove the two screws that hold the fuser on the printer. Pull out the fuser and look at the brown gear on it. Move it with your fingers and see if the upper roller turns with it. If the answer is yes than check inside the printer (looking from the rear) on the left side you will see the printer gear wich interfaces the fuser gear. Very likely it has the teeth broken and it is not able to spin the fuser gear.
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The gear is called the coupling gear. If it is broken, we have a replacement and an instructional video in our Printer Repair kits section. http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/kke5.html
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Thanks guys. I'll take a look to make sure that's what it is.
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you have encountered a common failure in the lj4 (gear assembly=rg5-0457-000cn), and also a common failure in the lj4+ and the lj5 (gear assembly=rg5-0876-000cn). the last gear in the assembly breaks off teeth from the heat emitted from the fusing unit and age. it is also possible that a gear on the side of the fuser broke. both repairs are possible for the do-it-yourselfer, with a little instruction. good luck.

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