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Lexmark Lexmark Jetprinter 1000

Dead Lexmark Optra R+

I recently bought a used Optra R+ for $50 at a St.Vincent DePaul's. I knew that I was taking a risk since this printer went for around $1000 new. Since I am on a Mac and the printer did not have a network card, I could only run the standalone printer test. The test worked like a charm showing razor sharp clarity and that approx. 6000 prints had been made on it since new, so I was encouraged to spend $120 more on a network card. I get the network card, and the printer worked beautifully for about a day. I then start getting error code# 999-print head error. I then take it for a $50 diagnostic. The repairman tells me that the scanner is bad (?) and can be replace for $360 including labor.

- First, is it worth repairing at this price?
- Is this something I can do myself?
- How much are parts?


The diagnosis is correct, but you can probably get the scanner a lot cheaper. I remember them being about $200 with exchange from Lexmark. They aren't that easy to put in. The top comes off easy enough, but the scanner is a bit tough to replace. Don't look at us for a kit for that. I consider Lexmark as too tough for the average person to repair even with the benefit of a video. I have to warn you that the care and feeding of Lexmarks are considerably higher than the comparable HP. They also lack the durability of the HP. Also, extremely poor design and features to round out the package. Word of advice is to never go anyplace that charges for diagnosis. Guy made $50 for doing absolutely nothing but interpreting an error code. You could have got that here for free.
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Thanks for the info. The repair company stated that they apply the $50 toward repair if I decide to have them do it. I kind of figure that he had an error code lookup sheet but lexmark wanted a credit card # before they even asked my name. When I told them no, they referred me to an authorized repair center that also wanted a credit card just to talk on the phone. Unfortunately, I did not find this site until after I had already dropped off the printer at an independent repair center (they are currently awaiting my decision on repair). So, if the part is $200, they are charging $160 for labor. If the Optra R+ is difficult to work on, is this be a fair deal for labor charges? At this point I just need to know if this is worth the hassle. I can either write off what I have already spent (printer $50, net card $120, diagnosis $50 total=$220) or repair it for an additional $310 and have a working printer. Would this be worth it? Either way it will cost me some money:-(

I agree with your assessment of HP printers. I have a 6MP that is a real workhorse, just a bit on the slow side.

FYI, I do have some computer know-how. I have installed RAM, HDs, PCI cards and the like but don't know if I have what it takes to tackle the Optra scanner replacement challenge. Any additional thoughts?


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Chuck you can get a fully refurbed Optra R+ on ebay for $150-200. Also you could sell yours for parts there as well, think of it as an exchange.
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Thanks for the insight Don. Looks like it would be best to just cut my losses and part out the printer.

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I have the same printer. Did you ever get it to work? Thanks.
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