asked Mar 8, 2001 at 8:46pm
Hp HP CopyJet Color

HP 820 CSE white lines

My HP 820 CSE printer has recently started leaving thin white streaks on the page. There appears to be a thin white horizontal line approximately every 1/8 inch or so. Just on each side of the lines, there are other even thinner, very faint, white lines.
I went to the HP site and got some of their basic cleaning instructions. (Like cleaning the black stalagmite looking goop out of the (sorry..don't remember terminology) little square hole. I also rotated one of the gears that allows you to get to the little rubber pads. I cleaned everything I could see that had ink on it.
The problem is mainly on the color cartride although I get one very faint line on the black but isn't noticable unless you print something black that is larger than standard print.
I tried a new color cartride with the same results.
From the little that I have read, it sounds like one of the pins isn't firing or is clogged but I really have no idea what that means or how to correct it.
If you have any ideas, I would greatly appreciate the help.

Thanks, Gary