asked Sep 15, 2000 at 10:45am
Unknown Printer

Error 12 or nor EP

Hi Moe,
I have an HP IIP that is now giving me an 'Error 12 or no EP'
on startup. I have checked the cooling fan and reseated the toner cartridge
but I still get the error. Is there any other simple
check I can make to determine the problem?


After you try the obvious, toner cart seated properly and
door really closed then:
This is generally due to the failure of an
electrolytic capacitor on the print density board.
This a small board up high in the printer case.
Replace any electrolytics on the board and reinstall.
most times this cures it. Sorry I can't remember
the exact part in question.
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Hi Eusebio,
Haven't heard from you in a while. The problem is the density control board. I think you already have the video, so if you just want a board I can give you a good price on it.
by moe on Sep 15, 2000 at 6:20pm Add comment